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Southside Loop: African-American Tour

The Southside neighborhood has an African­ American heritage that dates back 180 years.

Historical Bridges in Tompkins County Tour

A tour highlighting historical bridges, showing how it has been either altered or preserved over the years.


History Hike

 A walking tour in honor of the Tompkins County bicentennial celebration. View scenes of the past while enjoying a walk through the present.

Wharton Studio Silent Film Tour

Visit the historic Wharton Studio where, from 1915-1921, silent movies were directed and produced, starring some of the best known actors of the day.



Featured Site


Eight Square Schoolhouse

The Eight Square Schoolhouse is a one-room, octagonal building located on Hanshaw Road in Dryden. It was established in 1827 by a group of farmers who wanted a new school for their children. This school produced many famous local alumni, including town supervisors and county sheriffs. One graduate of the Eight Square School was Mary Ann Wood, who would go on to marry Ezra Cornell. The Eight Square School closed in 1941 when the Dryden School District was centralized. In 1955, it became the property of the DeWitt Historical Society (now The History Center) of Tompkins County. Since the early 1990s, The History Center has been running an educational program at the Eight Square Schoolhouse. Elementary schoolers from around the district now visit this school on field trips, dressed up in old-fashioned clothes, and they receive an authentic experience of a school day in a different era.

Town of Dryden. Historical Marker






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