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Ithaca Heritage's self-guided tours use the free PocketSights app. To download the app for your mobile device, click on the "Download PocketSights App" button below, which takes you to PocketSights. Once there, click on the Apple Store or Google Play button to download. When the PocketSights app is installed, open the app and look for the "Ithaca Heritage" logo to select a tour to explore Ithaca's unique architectural and cultural heritage.  



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Tompkins County is home some of the best villages and neighborhoods in New York State. Whether you want to explore your own back yard or are planning a visit, become a local for a day! Here are your guides to the best of our blooming communities.



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Discover the incredible local history and culture embedded in the landscapes of Tompkins County. Whether you're interested in the built and natural environment or social movements and figures, dive deep into your favorite subjects with these curated Ithaca Heritage tours.



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Discover the Ithaca Heritage tours based on your preferred method of transportation. Whether you're in the mood for a explorative walk or a county-wide drive, explore a wide variety of subjects for your favorite way to get around.