Civil War Nurses Statues at TC3

Located at the entrance of Tompkins County College, 170 Tompkins Cortland Community College, Dryden, NY 13053.


These four figures, created by local artist Rob Licht, make up a monument to the women who went as nurses at a time when there was no nurse training, no uniform, no required skills, but only the willingness to be helpful at the nation’s time of need and to be over the age of 35, of good moral character, willing to travel lightly, and to pick up assigned duties, however distasteful.

The monument created by the Tompkins County Civil War Commission and TC3 honors four Civil War nurses from our county, but these figures also stand for all the others who served at the time. There were nurses and matrons, laundresses, cleaners and cooks. There were women who left their homes when there was a battle nearby, and some who accompanied their soldier son or husband or brother to war and nursed those who needed care.