Varna's Octagonal Barn

A 19th century Varna carriage house, located at 944 Dryden Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850.


Fall Creek runs along the rear of the property and after flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972, the building had to be saved from falling into the creek. But it was left sitting directly on the ground without a foundation. More than 40 years later the structure was tilting toward the 1830s Greek Revival house that has been converted to the firm's offices, and the sill plates had rotted.

After years of planning, restoration on the 1800's octagonal barn began in late fall of 2015. The entire restoration took 6-8 weeks with the barn being completely restored to its original historic construction. The eight-sided wooden barn-like structure is located at the offices of The Strebel Planning Group. The carriage house was dated to the last 30 years of the 1800s close inspection of the framing and square section nails.


Moving process

The structure had to be temporarily moved to replace the foundation and ensure successful rehabilitation. This meant stabilizing the barn by installing steal support beams and slowly rolling on a track off the old site, so the new foundation could be poured. 



The restoration includes many detail updates like new windows, paint, siding and interior reconstruction.